COVID19 Update

There is growing concern that people congregating in the groves and parking lots will force the county to shut down all trails and access points. If we want to be able to continue to ride during this time, please do your part and practice all the guidance on social distancing and spread out where you park. If you see a lot is getting full, please go somewhere else. There are lots of places to access the trails and plenty of parking if you look around. The leadership of the FPD recognizes the important role that the preserves play in keeping people sane right now, but at the same time can't be in a position of making this tragic situation even worse. Please be heads-up and do your part.

For current Cook County FPD updates see:

Chicago's premier single-track destination
Trail Distance: 25+ miles single track, 20+ miles multi-track
Location: Mountain bike staging area at Maple Lake East Grove, 9500 Willow Springs Rd, Willow Springs, IL (near intersection of 95th St and Willow Springs Rd). Trails can also be accessed from parking lots at Wolf Road Woods, Bullfrog Lake, Red Gate Woods, Pulaski Woods
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Amenities: Multiple picnic groves, shelters, port-a-potties.

about Palos

Palos is the grand daddy of trail systems in the Chicago area. The area has hills, rolling widetrack, tight twisty singletrack, climbs, fast descents and plenty more to keep you satisfied for hours. There are singletrack trails for novices as well as advanced riders. The trail network has many intersections to let you change your route from one ride to the next, adding in more challenging trails or bypassing them as you see fit. But that also makes it possible to get lost if you don't have the trail map with you. 

Keep your eyes open for the trail markers there are illegal trails that are closed to cyclists. They are marked with an orange maker at one or both ends of the trail. FPD police patrol the illegal trails and ticket offenders.

All trails at Palos can be traveled in either direction, and are open to hikers, runners, and horses, so remember to follow proper trail etiquette, keep your head up for oncoming trail users and wear appropriate safety equipment.
The Palos area also played an important role in the dawning of the nuclear age.

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