CAMBr 2023 Race Series

Jan 17 2023
Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) is excited to annouce the dates for the 202...

Birth of a Trail, Part 3

Apr 18 2023
Final article from Ralph Banasiak "Along For the Ride" Columnist, Dail...

Birth of a Trail, Part 2

Apr 11 2023
Part 2 of a 3 part article written by Ralph Banasiak "Along For the Ride&qu...

Birth of a Trail, Part 1

Apr 4 2023
A three part article written by Ralph Banasiak "Along For the Ride" Co...

Paul Douglas Wood Officially Opens

Oct 19 2022
October 19, 2022 was the official opening of the new Paul Douglas Trail System. ...

2021 CAMBr Fall Newsletter

Nov 18 2021
CAMBr Fall Newsletter from our Executive Director

Paul Douglas Woods

Oct 9 2021
New Forest Preserves of Cook County and CAMBr trail system under development at ...

Cambr Spring 2021 Newsletter

Mar 15 2021
Spring Update from our Director

Cambr Winter 2021 Newsletter

Jan 26 2021
Email from CAMBr's new Executive Director

Cambr Stickers and Decals are Back

Dec 30 2020
Cambr Decals and sticker are available though a 3rd party with donations made to...

Support CAMBr through Amazon Smile

Nov 23 2019
Did you know that CAMBr can get a cut of everything you buy through Amazon?

What are Freeze/Thaw Rules?

Dec 1 2020
What to do when it's freezing at night, but warm during the day...

Dressing for Winter Cycling

Dec 11 2019
CAMBr member George Pastorino has written a great guide on how to stay warm when...

CAMBr Departs IMBA Chapter Program

Oct 30 2019
The Board of the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) has made the decision to l...

CAMBr Announces New Website and Membership Management System

Oct 30 2019
In conjunction with CAMBr’s decision to leave the IMBA Chapter Program we ...
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