Cambr Stickers and Decals are Back

Dec 30 2020
Cambr Decals and sticker are available though a 3rd party with donations made to...

Palos Trail Workday

Jul 3 2020
Thanks to the Mediocre Mountain biker for doing this short video of a typical Co...

CAMBr North 2020 Raffle

Apr 14 2020
The CAMBr North Raffle for 2020 is now accepting ticket purchases. The drawing w...

Support CAMBr through Amazon Smile

Nov 23 2019
Did you know that CAMBr can get a cut of everything you buy through Amazon?

CAMBr Departs IMBA Chapter Program

Oct 30 2019
The Board of the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) has made the decision to l...

CAMBr Announces New Website and Membership Management System

Oct 30 2019
In conjunction with CAMBr’s decision to leave the IMBA Chapter Program we ...

CAMBr/IMBA Transition FAQ's

Oct 30 2019
Got a question about the transition?

What are Freeze/Thaw Rules?

Dec 7 2018
What to do when it's freezing at night, but warm during the day...
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